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Avoiding tech "OOPS-idents" by Helen Teague


Grounded Theory Study on Student Voice Using Mobile Phones

Click here to access the study GroundedTheoryAndStudentVoice-1unvwyh

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Weekend Ed. Quote ~May 26

Good leaders are authentic and warm. They don’t have to show that they’re in control because they empower team members. ~Susan Peppercorn, CEO, Positive Workplace Partners

(The same is true for teachers and administrators too!)

John Maxwell’s 6 Strategies to Empower Team Members

  • Ask questions… often. …
  • Listen closely. …
  • Identify patterns. …
  • Challenge people’s thinking. …
  • Encourage a focus on solutions. …
  • Model the importance of reflection.



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Participatory Partnerships 2: Listen

Participatory Partnerships 2: Listen!



More Participatory Partnerships


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NSF STEM for All Video Showcase Voting Ends Today

This year’s STEM for All Video Showcase, features videos, seeded discussions, and voting for videos that the participants feel are most meritorious through Public Choice. Commenting and Voting for Public Choice will end today at 8 PM EDT!!

Please take the time to leave your last comments and votes today: http://stemforall2017.videohall.com/.
Our research team works under the direction of Dr. Eric Hamilton, Professor at Pepperdine University. Our video is titled Research on an International Network for STEM Media Making and Student Led Participatory Teaching at this video link: http://videohall.com/p/942
All videos and the related discourse will remain available to the public for the foreseeable future.


Weekend Ed. Quote ~ May 19

“The reinvention of activities and material is essential for the personal improving and appropriation of professional part.” (such as participatory teaching)~Philippe Perrenoud, 1994 as read in this paper

Scholarship of Teaching


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