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10 Tech Tricks You Are Already Doing: Part 1

1. You invite students to demonstrate concept mastery through creating a Digital Deliverable such as a: digital product. Need new ideas for products? Click here: http://www.oops.bizland.com/oopsproductpage.htm

2. For computer classroom or lab management, you assign students to specific computers, you begin each lesson with  a Warmup activity which gives you time to troubleshoot tech challenges, and you use Learning Centers when you do not have 1:1 connectivity. Need new ideas for Warm-ups? Click here: http://www.oops.bizland.com/100days.htm. Need more iformation on Learning Centers? Click here: http://www.oops.bizland.com/May07_LearningCenter.pdf and here: http://www.oops.bizland.com/centers.htm

3. For lessons, you are teaching students to use the Insert/Comment feature in Word for checking, revising, grading, peer editing. you are showing students how to hack down URL’s for 404 sites, and teaching students to save their original file and draft revisions with their initials and “draft 1” “draft 2” etc…

4. In case of internet outage you are saving internet content in offline form for easy retrieval and archiving.

5. You are applying authentic assessment through Rubrics. Need some nifty websites to create online rubrics? Try David Warlick’s Landmark Project: http://landmark-project.com/  and Teach-nology: http://www.teach-nology.com/

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Blogging 101 Motivates Students

Here is a great, short article on a teacher, Kathy Cassidy’s  experience with classroom blogging in her first grade classroom.

Nope, that’s not a typo: in her 1st grade classroom!!!  Read and be inspired!


What are some of your best blogging tips?

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