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Voice Thread Tips and Tricks

Disclaimer: We all have our special tips and tricks. These are submitted in my humble opinion.

Voice Thread http://voicethread.com/#home enables users to create online presentations using their own images. It also allows you to add audio or written text to images you upload and it gives access so others can interact by leaving audio or text comments on the presentation.

Here are some classroom applications:

  • Upload two images and ask students to record a compare/contrast or alike/different between the two images.

  • Invite students, working alone, in pairs, or small groups to create and produce a digital story using digital cameras or found images on the web (or send a picture to you to upload). NOTE: if using web images, be sure to have students cite their source.

  • Upload an image, and as a Warm-up, ask students to add a caption, highlighting a particular part of speech, current vocabulary word, predicting what might happen next, or (humorous gasp!) free write.

  • Upload images of one or two people and ask students to add a dialogue text bubble, either in present-day speech or in the language of medieval times, Shakespearean times, Dr. Seuss’ language, etc… This is a great exercise for a foreign language class or ELL students too.

  • Using the theme, “I Am An American” students can upload a picture (or send a picture for you to upload) of a family member and tell about the heritage and history of their family member.

  • Ask students to survey class members at lunch or recess about a topic of your classes’ choice. Students record the tally results in Excel (or you can record the results in Excel if yours is the only computer in the classroom.) Take a PrtSrn of the spreadsheet, upload the image, and see if students can interpret the result. Alternatively, upload your own data graphs and statistics and see if students can interpret these as well. (***TEKS)

  • Upload some images with incorrect descriptions and/or grammar/spelling errors and see if students can proofread and correct the errors. (***TEKS)

Here is a sample: http://voicethread.com/share/53266/

Here is a tutorial to help from Nic Peachy http://www.technogogy.org.uk/voicethread.html

Be sure to return and let us know how you used Voice Thread in your classroom!

Happy Teaching!


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