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Any coaching experience that begins in the echo of a motivating sentiment is bound to be a success.

“To be a star, you have to make the people around you stars.”

I heard Col. Webb say this to a student as I booted my laptop and detangled my cords. A great experience followed. Thank you again for letting my visit your classrooms and students.

Thought maybe there would be some across-the-curriculum application to the resources we discussed so here is the complete resources list. (The multi-talented Super Karen also has this list).

Google Docs
RefDesk website
Westward expansion movie
Activity **Plot the 9 Major Stages of Expansion on the Excel Twister Grid
Geometry Interactive
Geometry Gallery
Gallery of Interactive Geometry
Geometry Help From a Geometry Teacher
Tutorial resources for MovieMaker and PhotoStory
Storyboarding website
Timeline Creation Tool at Teach-nology
Read, Write, Think interactive timeline
Copyright Website
The Visual Periodic Table of Elements
Classroom layout website
Additional resources from Connected Learning
Eboard website
Collaborative interactivity with VoiceThread
Online graphing calculator website @ Cool Math
Quadratic Equations
Other algebra content treatment
Purple Math

Happy Teaching!

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