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Warmup Prompts Week of May 5

Let’s Celebrate Robots this week:

1. If you were a robot, and I knew but you didn’t, would you want me to tell you?

2. Guess in what year the word “robotics” was first used and give a reason for your prediction.

3. Read the the Three Laws of Robotics. Which one is unnecessary and why?

4. Was your prediction yesterday correct? Go here and find out! Are you surprised at the answer?

5. Read and finish the dialogue below (click on “More”) Add a line each for Wolowitz and Sheldon.

Wolowitz: Sheldon, if you were a robot, and I knew and you didn’t, would you want me to tell you?
Sheldon: That depends. When I learn that I’m a robot, will I be able to handle it?
Wolowitz: Maybe, although the history of science fiction is not on your side.
Sheldon: Uh, let me ask you this: when I learn that I’m a robot, will I be bound by Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics?
Koothrappali: You might be bound by them right now.
Wolowitz: That’s true, have you ever harmed a human being, or through inaction, allowed a human being to come to harm?
Sheldon: Of course not.
Koothrappali: Have you ever harmed yourself or let yourself to be harmed except in cases where a human being would’ve been endangered?
Sheldon: Well, no.
Wolowitz: I sense robot.

Copied from the If You Were a Robot Squidoo (may be blocked by school filter)

2 Responses to Warmup Prompts Week of May 5

  1. Rox Cosico says:

    Hi Helen,
    This a great way to get students interested in robotics. Not only that, you can even hit two birds in one stone because your first question could also be integrated in Language as students will have to come up with an essay “What will they do if they learned that they are robots”.
    Thanks for this link.

  2. 4oops says:

    you are welcome! Thanks for your comment!

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