The Blogger Wears Prada: Today On Sale!


pradasubtext.jpgRobert Redford…the popcorn movie heart-throb of my generation. <Sigh>  Do  you remember the resurgence in all things cowboy after he starred with Paul Newman in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?” Well, he put those movie residuals to great work with the Sundance Film Festival and especially the Sundance Catalog Store! (cue clapping>  With every order “Bob” includes a catalog with his picture on the inside cover!

This week, the catalog store has super duper great markdowns on apparel, jewelry, gifts, shoes, bags, etc…

For instance, skirts @ $9.99; luxe purses for pennies, cashmere sweaters @$39.99!

Sweaters? You say? Sweaters? The season is changing and it is much too hot.

Well, I have been meaning to tell you…when I visit your classrooms the air is freezing in there. David Letterman called…he wants his Freon back!

Order soon to take advantage of the sale prices…and make “Bob” happy as well.
Sundance Catalog sale-bag.jpg sale-skirt.jpg sale-sweater.jpg