Mr. Monk Learns Tech Vocabulary

My favorite TV detective is Adrian Monk. (I love how he still wears his wedding ring long after his wife has died.) He has many, many inductive reasoning skills, but technology has not been a priority.monk.jpg

In a recent episode, Monk told his fellow detectives that an email he received made him “LOL out loud.”   =))

In deference to Monk, here are some terms that have surfaced. I used Netlingo and Boolify search to look these up following several conversations (virtual and F2F) with tech pioneers (aka students). Add yours here as well.

Gweep: a hacker

Mashup: merging and combining internet data sources to create a new application, digital media combining and modifying text, graphics, audio, video, and animation into a new application

Rubber Banding: In making a computer game, rubber banding is the technique to allow computerized opponents to bend the rules to keep things exciting and “close” for the player.

Multimodal: man-machine interaction beyond the traditional keyboard and mouse such as speech, stylus, iPhone, etc…

Microblogging:  sending frequent, short content messages, usually from a cell phone, to a Web site such as Twitter

Crowdsourcing: pull together a bunch of smart, motivated individuals from across the Web to create a new product or business

Wikis: a collaborative website

Widget: A software component that responds or acts upon user interaction or data events

Silverlight: web browser plugin that provides support for rich internet applications such as animation

What is/are some of the most interesting Tech Vocabulary words you have learned? Are there words you need defined? Leave a comment and add your Tech Vocabulary here!