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  1. Heather says:

    Topic: Romeo and Juliet
    C: Students will discuss the play in class.
    O: Students will travel outside of the classroom to watch the play.
    B: Students will return to the classroom and write an essay in which they compare and contrast the text and the performance and reasons for the differences between the two works.
    Topic: Poetry
    C: Students will work in pairs on a poetry web quest.
    O: Students will travel outside of the classroom to find examples of poetry in the real world (song lyrics, rap videos, advertisements, commercials, etc.)
    B: Students will return to the classroom and share their real world examples, discussing the poetic devices that exist in them and the purpose of poetry in the real world.
    Topic: Satire
    C: Students will study satire in literary texts.
    O: Students will find examples of satire outside of the classroom (television, movies, advertisements, song lyrics, video clips of comedy acts, political ads, etc.)
    B: Students will return to the classroom to present and discuss their findings and whether or not satire is effective in the real world.

  2. evan says:

    Evan’s COBs
    Class- introducing environmental health and discussing what recycling involves and what different materials can be recycled and which ones cannot be.

    Out- collecting different recyclable items from classrooms, the cafeteria, as well as outside of the school. After which we will travel to the local recycling center and dispose of the trash.

    Back- the students will research and discuss what recycling does for our society and why it is important to keep the resources that we have at our disposal. Also it is important to realize the amounts of materials that can be recycled that are not on a daily basis in our schools and homes.(write an opinion piece to the local paper discussing the importance of recycling in our area with bonus points for being published)

    Class- talking about the importance of being physically fit/active and how that affects our overall feeling of well being.

    Out- the class will be setting up a program in which they will be exercising three times a week for a minimum of a half an hour, this exercise could be a sport practice, walking, weight lifting, riding a bike, roller skating ect. The kids will be keeping track of their progress through a spreadsheet that shows some type of goal that can be reached and or strived for.

    Back- the students will set up a blog in which they will discuss the way that exercise improves the way that they feel physically/mentally. The student’s blog will also discuss how they are helping or hurting their exercise program through their diet.

  3. Julie says:

    C.O.B. Examples: Julie Phelps

    C= Introduce Bar Graphs: parts, types, uses; show examples

    O= Use clipboards to make a tally count of how many vehicles in the school parking lot are which colors

    B= Use laptops to create bar graphs of vehicle color results; discuss results: Which color is the most popular? Least popular?

  4. Susan says:

    Topic: Cultural awareness
    C- Students will use selected websites from a teacher generated list to explore different cultures. Students will research education, living conditions, language, and food and compare the differences.
    O- Field trip Columbia to a Cultural Awareness Fair. Students can take pictures of events at the fair.
    B- Students will complete a powerpoint presentation using the information gathered from the internet search and the fair depicting the differences in at least two cultures.

  5. Rebecca Teal says:

    COB Activity 1-Cosmetology, Rebecca Teal

    Topic: Salon Management (specifically taking appointments, desk management, scheduling, dealing with customers, retail selling-basically “front desk” activities)

    Class-Review salon management, proper and improper speech and activity in salon management, scheduling, telephone etiquette, marketing products-put student in groups of three

    Out of Class-Visit a salon and take notes on the activity in salon, use research for software in salon & visit salon websites, call and ask prices for a particular service

    Back to Class-put students in groups of three to present info in skit form, have other students evaluate on the proper and improper activity or the positive and negative

  6. Shannon says:

    Wednesday, 7-23-08
    Learning on the cob:
    C – What you are doing in class
    O – Out of class
    B – What we do when we go back to the class
    Example: Persuasive/Personal narrative
    C – Create a commercial for North Central High School
    O – Students will take pictures/videos of the school
    B – Students use the photo story to create a commercial to advertise North Central High School
    C – Research a local business
    O – Interview local business owners about their business, how it started, what are their plans, find news clippings or interesting facts about the place
    B – Create a powerpoint or website for the business

    C – How To directions
    O – Record themselves putting together a book shelf or anything
    B – Make a how to movie that their classmates will use to create the same product

    C – Shakespeare
    O – Use play dough or clay and create snap shots that reenact a part of the play
    B – Create a quick powerpoint or movie to show that scene

    C – Personal Narrative
    O – Personal pictures of yourself from K – 9/10
    B – Create a blog about yourself. Write the blog as though you are the age you were in the picture.
    – Shannon

  7. Darron says:

    C – Discuss different geometry concepts and topics
    O – Find the geometry concepts in nature
    B – Create a booklet or PowerPoint that depicts the objects seen

  8. Jennifer says:

    Velocity Equations

    C: explain velocity – examples in class/learn equations
    O: Outside (stop watch and cars going by outside)
    B: Come back in and do mathematical equations to get velocity of cars on hwy.

    Genetic Traits:

    C: Discuss human genetic traits and DNA
    O: Take pictures of traits (visible) in the halls, room, outside, other classrooms
    B:Use Photo Story or PowerPoint to display pictures and genetic features

  9. Terdell says:

    Topic – Rehearsal Techniques

    C – Class
    Discussion of rehearsal techniques of several successful bands across the state
    O – Out of Class
    Visit one or two schools to observe
    B – Back to Class
    Compile list of likes/differences
    What will work for our band?

  10. deborah says:

    Topic: Living on a Budget
    C – What you’re doing in class
    O – Outside of the classroom
    B – Back in the classroom (webpage, power point, etc.)
    C – Brainstorm items to be included in a weekly grocery budget; make a list on word document; estimate amount needed each item.
    o- Visit grocery store and list prices of each item on your list
    B – Compare your estimated prices to the actual prices; compute the differences between the two prices. Record your amounts on a spreadsheet.

    Topic: Cultural Awareness
    C – Students will select websites from a teacher generated list to explore different cultures. Students will research education, living conditions, language,
    and food and compare the differences.
    O – Students will take a field trip to Columbia for the Cultural Awareness Fair. Students can take pictures of events at the fair.
    B – Students will complete a power point presentation using information gathered from the cultural awareness fair, and internet research.

  11. jody says:

    Topic-construction project
    C View plans of dog house material list
    O Construct the dog house
    B Allow others to view construction

  12. howard says:


    C -What you are doing in class
    1. What are three types of Businesses?
    a. Sole propriership-business with one owner.
    Example-bill’s dry cleaner’s
    2. B. Partnership-business owned by two or more people.
    Example- Jacoby and Myers.
    3. C. Corporation-business owned by stockholders.
    4. Franchise-someone that uses the name of an existing company or product.
    Example – burger King
    Students will do a web quest and list five characteristics of each type of business, including pros and cons.
    O-Students will go to the mall and list five examples of sole propriororships, partnerships, and corporations.

    B-Students would share their findings, and justify them.-What you are doing out of class.

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