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Back to School

Well, you have seen them too—the back-to-school commercials. It is almost that time of year.

One of the initial activities in the back-to-school task list is the Student Information Sheet.

Why not add a small section to your Student Information Sheet to reflect your students’ technology skills. If you have a hardcopy handout, add a small section at the end. Or, consider adding a section on your blog or wiki for students to fill out that asks:

Students, Do you have…

~A computer

~A webpage

~A cell phone

~Internet access

~Accounts on Music sites

~A Blog

~Favorite websites (that can be shared with you, the teacher)

~Special tech skills  (such as keyboarding, spreadsheet skills, programming skills, hardware skills, graphic design skills, etc…)

Try it and see!

{Add any other ideas here!}

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