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Thematic Curriculum in Action

We are the proud parents of a new dog.
Our beloved family member, Aspen went to dog heaven on March 5th, after 15 years of choosing us as her pets.

We vowed to change that dynamic this time around.

Enter    Ruby.


Ruby is a “goodle” a greyhound/poodle mix (Don’t ask me how–I defer to the biology teachers among us)

Here is how Thematic Curriculum applies to this:

Science: Newton’s 1st Law of motion states that every object (Ruby) will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force (Kozmo, the bull dog next door)
Community Friends/Music: Our neighbor Bob might have chosen to play Stravinsky’s Rites of Spring, but instead he used courtesy and polite dialogue to deposit Ruby back in our living room.
Math: Husband Jim will swing by Lowes tonight and pick up the necessary implements to dissuade Ruby’s future romantic overtures. He will use math skills of measurement, proportion to figure the amount of materials to buy and use currency skills for purchasing.
Technology/Language Arts/Photography/Speech: I learned of all this AM activity via text message, cell phone, IM, descriptions and photos.
Texas History: Texans, whether human or dog species are known for their rejection of all types of fences and confinement.
Poetry: At dinner tonight I will recite, Robert Frost’s delightful poem, “Mending Wall”

…”good fences make good neighbors”


What other curriculum connections do you see?

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