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Shortcuts to Better Google Results

1. To define a word, type “define:word”  in the Search box

Example: define:effete

2. To perform calculations, enter equation into Search box.

Example: 78 x .15

3. To convert measurements, type “cups in a liter” into the Search box

4. To see currency conversions, type “15 dollars in euros” into the Search box

5. To narrow information, use hyphens as minus signs or pulse signs

Example: geometry + Jeopardy  OR   jaguar- cars – football

6. To find specific file types, type subject in Search box, go into results, choose  Advanced Search and in the middle of the screen, choose the filetype you would  like to use.

7. To find a verbatim phrase, use quotation marks around Search terms

Example: “constructivist education”

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