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PBS TeacherLine Online Summer Courses

Knock out a six-week professional development course this summer — before school starts — with PBS TeacherLine‘s online facilitated courses, available anytime, anywhere! All you need is an email address and an Internet connection. Courses start Wednesday, July 11th!

Below are the BONUS TERM courses open for enrollment now:

  • TECH340 Evaluating and Organizing Internet Resources and Content, Grades K-12, eligible 2 credits | Syllabus
  • TECH300 The Computer for Personal Productivity, Grades K-12, eligible 2 credits | Syllabus
  • RDLA340 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas, Grades 3-12, eligible 2 credits | Syllabus
  • MATH430 Seeing Math: Proportional Reasoning, Grades 6-12, eligible 2 credits | Syllabus
  • STEM420 Inspire Elementary Students with Engineering, Grades PreK-6, eligible 2 credits | Syllabus
  • INST342 Teaching with Primary Sources for the Library of Congress, (The Class I am facilitating) Grades 3-12, eligible 3 credits | Syllabus

Learn more about graduate credit options with accredited providers. Check out PBS TeacherLine’s course alignment to CCSS.

Many districts reimburse their teachers’ PBS TeacherLine course expenses.

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