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Do you have any advice for new Teachers?

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Every year, U.S. schools hire more than 200,000 new teachers for that first day of class. By the time summer rolls around, at least 22,000 have quit. Even those who make it beyond the trying first year aren’t likely to stay long: about 30 percent of new teachers flee the profession after just three years, and more than 45 percent leave after five years.
Source: http://www.edutopia.org/schools-out


My daughter will begin her first year teaching  7th grade in just two weeks. I do not want these statistics to apply to her.

A tenth of teachers who began teaching in 2007/2008  only lasted one year before they quit, according to a new study by the National Center for Education Statistics. Teachers who worked under the supervision of a mentor or who made salaries of more than $40,000 were less likely to drop out over the same period. Source

Do you have any advice for her and all of the other new teachers beginning their first year in a matter of weeks?
Please feel free to comment here and include advice/quotes/anecdotes/links/ideas/programs…anything is helpful!

An Additional Source of information on teacher retention


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