Add Puffin Browser to your Browser Wardrobe

Browsers are a lot like a wardrobe of coats.  Just as you would never wear a windbreaker to a snowy, night football game, you also need the best browser for your mobile, iPad forays as well.

If you are using an iPad or Galaxy S, perhaps consider the comfort and ease of the Puffin Browser.

Puffin Browser helps webpages load more quickly on iPads than on traditional laptops and desktop machines. (Question: for those of us born born man walked on the moon, is the phrase “traditional laptop” an oxymoron?)

Ok, I digressed, now, back to the Puffin Browser.
Because the Puffin servers preprocess and compress web pages, speed is at a premium, even on slow mobile networks.

Puffin Browser gives you the full experience of a desktop version website, and the option to switch to mobile mode.
~From the Puffin Browser website

It is also an available app on iTunes

Think of browsers as a wardrobe of choices. Sometimes you need the anorak, sometimes only the bulky chainmail will do.

Think of the Puffin browser as a sleak, no-wrinkle option to life in the mobile fast lane.