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Making Math Meaningful with Core Resources from PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is a free digital media resource designed to support curriculum-based teaching and learning from for Pre-K through 12th grade. The service offers video clips, audio recordings, photographs, interactive games, primary source documents, and more. For access to PBS LearningMedia’s library, register today – it’s free!

Math is most meaningful when it’s connected to everyday experiences that resonate with your students. Use this collection of interactive games, video clips, and lesson plans to reinforce the role math plays in real world situations.

Job Play: Pharmacist Grades 3-5 | Interactive Game | Word Problems + Multiplication Students step into the role of the pharmacist to make important math-based decisions and correctly dispense prescription drugs to their patients. Use this interactive with your students to practice word problems and multiplication.

Add This: Using Recipes for Fractions Grades 4-7 | Lesson Plan + Video | Fractions What do fractions have to do with cupcakes? Let your students uncover the connection with this lesson plan that challenges them to double a cupcake recipe, multiply fractions, and work with mixed numbers.

Dunk Tank: Area of Squares & Rectangles Grades 6 | Interactive Game | Area of Squares and Rectangles For a lively math moment, challenge your students to determine the area of squares and rectangles and discover how to calculate the area of composite shapes in this exciting game show activity.

BONUS: ¡Arte y Más! Count with Me Grades PreK-3 | Video | Speaking and Listening in Spanish Join Señora Alicia as she shares her bolsa de sorpresas with the students and teaches them to count to 10 in Spanish!




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