Tech BFFs~Scrible

BFF is an acronym for “Best Friend Forever.” These websites and tips are so good that they will become your technology BFFs!

Scrible is web-based app which allows you to save and archive any web page while being able to richly annotate it in multiple colors & styles. Scrible indexes all of the web content you save and it allows you to search through it easily. With the basic, free version you can save web research online & access it from anywhere.

Simple keywords to search full text of saved research. Tags give quick and easy access to organize research by topic. Easily share annotated web research with others via email. Annotate, comment and highlight text in a variety of ways. Capture citations and create bibliographies in a snap. Compile notes from multiple articles into summaries & reports. Collaborate with others by inviting them to Sharable Libraries.

One educator used Scrible and wrote this review: “An excellent tool for researchers, journalists and teachers who need to permanently save, organize, annotate and highlight different content coming from the web.”

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