Weekend Ed. Quote~January 11

crossing the Rubicon

“Take we the course which the signs of the gods and the false dealing of our foes point out. The die is cast” ~Julius Caesar, on the crossing of the Rubicon, January 10, 49BC

According to Garrison Keillor in The Writer’s Almanac, “With Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon, the Roman Republic was thrown into civil war. Eventually, Caesar defeated Pompey and his allies and emerged as the winner. As emperor, he made some radical changes in government. He decreased the power of the provinces, and centralized power in Rome. He eliminated much of the government’s debt, disbanded powerful guilds, and rewarded people for having children in an effort to increase Rome’s population. He set a term limit on governors, launched a huge rebuilding effort, established a police force, and modified the calendar. He made himself incredibly powerful and demanded that everyone revere him as part-deity. Because of Caesar, the phrase “crossing the Rubicon” has entered popular culture, meaning ‘past the point of no return.'”


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