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Lesson Plans for National Engineers Week from PBS TeacherLine

This week is all about tinkering, hammering, sketching, measuring, analyzing, and experimenting. Why? Because it’s National Engineers Week! Use these resources to show your students why engineering matters!

Making Stuff
Grades 6-12 | Collection | Materials Science

Join technology columnist David Pogue as he delves hands-first into the field of materials science. Find out which materials he thinks will play a role in shaping the future.

The Catapult Project
Grades 5-12 | Video | Engineering Design

IDEA ALERT: This 6-week catapult design project introduces students to engineering design, probability, and the laws of motion and forces. Watch how it unfolds!

Aerospace Engineer
Grades 4-8 | Video | Career Profile

Victoria Garcia is an aerospace engineer at NASA’s Virtual Environments Lab. See how she is using virtual-reality to design a more comfortable deep-space habitat for astronauts. 

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