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Confessions of the Oldest Padawan on Tython~10

As part of my doctoral coursework, I’m enrolled in a Game-design course. One of the immersives is to spend time in the MMORPG domains. I chose Star Wars Old Republic. The obvious fact that I was born before Sally Ride blasted to space is not lost on me. At any given time, I am the oldest Padawan on Tython.

Level 10~Watercooler Chat After the Holiday



Level. 10. All together now!!! YAY!!!
Productive holiday weekend…Looking forward to being back at the office.

Yesterday, when colleagues at work talked about where they went for the Memorial Day weekend, I could hardly wait to chime in– “I went to the Tython Hollows, the Fleshraider cave and ran through the Elysian Trail!!!

Next time, I must upload screenshots to my Flickr account.

Confession: I kinda prefer inter-planetary travel over interstate travel.




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