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Confessions of the Oldest Padawan on Tython~ 11

As part of my doctoral coursework, I’m enrolled in a Game-design course. One of the immersives is to spend time in the MMORPG domains. I chose Star Wars Old Republic. The obvious fact that I was born before Sally Ride blasted to space is not lost on me. At any given time, I am the oldest Padawan on Tython.

Level 11~Leveled up to 11!!! Learned Affection System AFK for many not in game. May the Force be with a Caffeinated Padawan

More than 800 people on four continents spent six years and nearly $200 million creating Star Wars: The Old Republic.

And they didn’t think to put in a Starbucks. Or sure, there’s a Cantina. But proper Padawans in worlds F2F and Virtual know to stay out of there on a Saturday night.

Which is where I am now. Playing and needing more Java in order to make it to Level 12. Thanks to a partnerships with Jedi Knight Storadt and his droid companion and a companion I united with named Gaizzen —- a tall, green scaley guy  (I really don’t remember his name*. He looked like something that crawl on my patio during the humid summer months, but I did appreciate the assist.) My partnership with tall green scaley guy was part of the SWOR Affection System. “The SWTOR affection system tracks the relationship between a player and each companion. Buying gifts for the companion and making appropriate conversation choices increase the affection rating. In addition, decisions the player makes when a companion is present can also influence the relationship. Companion characters will voice their perspectives from time to time, often giving information on current storylines and pointing out locations to visit.” Source  In my AFK life, I am grateful for many people who blast through my own Affection System and are great and fun friends.

Confession: AFK for me means “Away For Kona” and, at 11:11 on a Friday night, this is not always the wisest choice, but I choose it nonetheless. I also need to work to increase my own Affection System points with my AFK friends.

*Update May 31: I discovered that my companion’s name from last night was Qyzen Fess. I’m shuddering that I tip-toed into the world of “love ’em and leave ’em and forget their name.” I resolve to be a more considerate Jedi Consular in the future.


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Sources: PluggedIn

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