Design Journal 12: A Twilight Visit to Radio Shack

The Oldest Padawan on Tython ventured to Radio Shack (on this planet) last night at sunset.

Radio Shack at Twilight on Planet Earth

I was the only female in the place.

I had been working in the Maker Lab, disassembling my American Airlines-issued headphones when I discovered that the wires were too thin to solder. (Aside: I was so happy to have a “Too thin” issue ascribed to me!). I bought my 1/8 Stereo plug…and…then…looking around….I saw these super cute dancing LED Speakers (click on the picture):

Dancing Speakers
















And, right next door to Radio Shack was the cutest Beauty Supply store!! So I bought these super cute bows!

Lovin’ Radio Shack at Twilight!!!