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Newsela is an online current event repository of over 1,000 current event articles in eight categories:

  • War & Peace
  • Kids
  • Science
  • Money
  • Law
  • Health
  • Arts
  • Sports

The articles feature differentiated interest levels and five different reading levels of students. Most articles include a summative comprehension quiz and lesson plans. The quizzes align to Common Core Standards eight different learning standards:

  • What the Text Says
  • Central Idea
  • People, Events & Ideas
  • Word Meaning & Choice
  • Text Structure
  • Point of View/Purpose
  • Multimedia
  • Arguments & Claims

Newsela pulls its articles from over forty different media sources such as the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and the Associated Press. Most articles are translated into Spanish. Newsela offers both free and paywall access. Teachers collect article via “Binders.” With cloud storage features and the Newsela iOS app, students can access Newsela from school and home, library, mall, or even the skateboard park!

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