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Participatory Partnership 8: Build on Success

Participatory Partnership Tip 8: Build on Success- This tip is courtesy of John Kotter and Kotter’s Change Method. Too often, we don’t build on success. We move on to “the next thing.” But celebrating success is a key to imprint practice. At The College of William and Mary, whenever a student successfully defends their dissertation, they ring a bell of announcement and celebration. Figure out a way to ring the digital bell and give high fives for successful achievement.





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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ June 23

“When you sit in front of a kindergartner with a stopwatch in your hand, and she can’t bark out letters fast enough to earn the score of proficient, and you’re recording all of it, you aren’t teaching her to read, you’re teaching her to hate reading.”
~Philip Kovacs, Associate Professor of Education at the University Alabama at Huntsville. 

Quote furnished from one of my online learners, a dedicated professional educator in the PBSTeacherLine course, Developing Passionate Readers in the Digital Age





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Dr. T.’s Goals and Objectives Review – Short Video

Goals and Objectives video review by Helen Teague (aka Dr. T.)


Granny and PopPop heart mobes too!

Our current research “Gifted students self-report of intergenerational mobile tech use via a digital storytelling construct” #PGCACU is in data analysis phase now. The data points to interesting findings! (Hint: Granny and PopPop heart mobes too!)



Participatory Partnerships 7: Publish Then Edit

Participatory Partnerships 7: Publish Then Edit is a concept from Clay Shirky who noted that the Publish, then Edit practice is distinctive to digital production. Publish Then Edit eliminates the pressure of perfection. It promotes incremental iteration.




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