#DLDaywebinar,  Digital Learning Day 2018: Blending Teaching and Technology to Improve Student Outcomes

Happy Digital Learning Day! Digital Learning Day was created in 2012. This year, 2018, is the 7th annual occurrence. There are over 1500 events occurring in celebration of digital learning and computer-mediated instruction. The focus and activities center around this essential question: How technology can enhance student learning?

There was an engaging and dynamic webinar today. I am so glad to have spent my lunchtime attending this webinar. You can see my tweets and the tweets of other attendees at the following hashtag: #DLDayWebinar

If you missed the  Digital Learning Day 2018: Blending Teaching and Technology to Improve Student Outcomes, you can watch it here on YouTube: 

Here are my webinar notes:

Alliance for Excellence in Education: Webinar – all4ed.org/webinar

Showcase quote at timestamp ~~46:00

Digital Learning Day is a “safe place for educators to try something new with technology” ~ Tom Murray, webinar moderator

Great example from a teacher’s lesson plan is a QR-code to log miles

Transformational technology

What I love that I’m learning

Systemic process

Adapt on the fly


Stagnant feeling when you want to do something

What is Step 1?- start to break the (thought) paralysis

Performance-based learning is distinctly different from online learning

“It’s not about us-it’s about the kids-student autonomy emerges”- Joe Vagt

“Academic urgency is for students vs teacher-centered instruction” ~Nikolaus Namba, @NikNamba

“Be thoughtful about the norms and culture you create” ~Tom Murray

Stop Waiting!

Cyclical progress of program assessment-students working in blended modalities with their families

Not a digital worksheet storage hub by a high-quality culture of innovation ~Tom Murray

Lagging metric tools layer ~

1st start measuring steps focus on implementation metrics – implementation leading metrics
student voice metric and also lagging metric tools. ~ Beth Rabbitt

Regarding the use of devices- ask “what are the coalition of the willing” ~Tom Arnett

(Agree!) I am fully of the belief that our 5 & 6 year-old learners can do anything (with technology) that our high school learners can do. ~ Nikolaus Namba, @NikNamba

Under the mental processes that our learners are using as they encounter and as they come up with their solutions

Beyond a Digital Divide to a Digital Use Divide
Active use vs. consumption use

Download this report at futureready.org/blendedlearning


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