Love of the Link: The National World War 2 Museum

Love of the Link” is a new 2019 feature that spotlights a powerhouse website with at least three interactive features:

  1. Timely Content
  2. {Free} Resources for Educators
  3. Research-based best practice focus

Although “Love of the Link” is a new feature to this blog, the resources may be tried-and-true, legacy portals online.

The National World War 2 Museum operates from a busy center in downtown New Orleans. It is a living memorial, research, and education center. With both onsite and online resources,  National World War 2 Museum preserves, honors, and educates visitors about World War 11. With the upcoming 75th anniversary of D-Day, the  National World War 2 Museum is worth a day trip, field trip, or virtual visit.

The National World War 2 Museum has a rich and engaging online library of curated resources for Educators and Students.

Especially noteworthy are the Primary Source collection Research Starters. Also students and educators can investigate Webinars that include upcoming and archived selections. Check out  “See You Next Year: High School Yearbooks from WWII which showcases the pages of a high school yearbook from the 1940s, students today can catch a glimpse of what their counterparts were doing on the Home Front and how the war impacted their daily lives, especially for those preparing to graduate. Click this link to view the archived version of the Webinar.

Many other webinars and videos enrich and enliven the history of the greatest generation who fought in World War II.



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