Gardening for Academic Growth – It begins

Over the years, my advice to students remains … “Set a schedule for your work.”

Here is the little patch of yard I have cleared for the little garden.

There is a bit more weeds and leaves to clear.

The clearing away reminds me of my F2F classrooms and my online course spaces.

There are always detritus to clear and things to clean left over from others.

The only exception has been at PBS TeacherLine/PBS Learning Media.

Francine and Reed are tech and educational wizards. Each course arrives from a Master Course that we as course facilitators approve.

Because of Francine and Reed, we can focus on teaching, guiding, responding, instead of “administrivia” of course bureacracy.


This is the “Before” photo. I hope the “After” photos will be green and “planti-ful!”

Garden Before with Ruby
The “Before” photo of the little garden, with Ruby the Wonder Dog.








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