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E-Learning- What’s Working for You!


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4 Responses to E-Learning- What’s Working for You!

  1. wesley fuller says:

    We are just beginning the distance learning process. But I have been in contact with my students. We were on spring break when the school closure happened. My students had a project they were working on over there break. They have been working on the project with google classroom. It is going well. I am able to see the digital presentations and writings they have been creating. Because I have access to them I get to comment on their work. They can see my comments and make changes aas necessary. If they have questions they can post in the comment section of the classroom or send me a private message. Once our district starts the distance learning I will continue to use this program to guide their learning during this school closure.

  2. Tim Barker says:

    For my lessons, my #EFH has been relatively smooth because I teach from sets of Google Slides. Most of my students are able to zoom in and I can share my screen with them as I teach. I also have them participate via the chat. I also have given them packets that they can follow along with as I teach. Finally, I am really trying my best to think of ways to perform science demonstrations so they can see/experience science happening too. I also am trying to have my students perform their own experiments at home so that they can see that science is not just limited to the classroom. From my perspective, I have seen it be more difficult with the younger grades as they aren’t as self-sufficient as the middle school grades are. 

  3. Corinne Brittle says:

    We have been using E-Learning this year to make up weather days, but not all my students have been on board. I have posted different types of assignments in hopes that I would reach students in all learning styles. I post notes, videos, and activities with examples to help them understand the material Since we are teaching and learning from home, our retest policy has changed. I gave a bonus 100 for a classwork grade for anyone that stated they read the new policy. It was interesting to see how many students that had done nothing, replied to that assignment. It showed me how some might still be having problems because of no internet service. I always end my comments to them with “hoping you and your family are staying well, let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I miss teaching you!”. I have had a few that have responded with some of the same kind of messages. We are in this together and I want my students to know that I care about them.

  4. Edma Payne says:

    Educate from home #EFH looks like a lot of green tea! Warm tea in the morning and iced tea by the afternoon. Next, reading group text messages from my fellow colleagues on what to post and which students are reading the posts. I use Google Classroom, Class DoJo, and text messages to communicate with my students and parents. Besides our Clever Portal that houses many apps, I have added Scholastic News Magazine, Follett, and Abdo Digital Bookshelf. I’ve also shared videos on how NASA astronaut Scott Kelly got through self-isolation after living on the International Space Station for one year. I post YouTube videos from Mark Rober, an engineer and inventor who explains the spread of germs. Overall, #EFH looks like a lot of communication and flexibility since information is changing daily.

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