Creating a Branching Scenario using Twine – Rough 1st Attempt

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Khalil works as a teller at a credit union in San Diego, CA while pursuing his graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Some of his recent writing assignments in class have received low scores. Khalil would like to understand the problems he needs to address in his writing.
Follow Khalil as he understands how to correct assignment feedback.
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(enchant:?page,(text-colour:black)+(background:#fcfcfc))After a recent assignment, Khalil was checking his grades. He noticed assessment scores in the 70% range and assessment comments. Khalil knows that if he does not do something soon, his overall average will suffer. Khalil’s instructor told the students to check their TurnItIn reports for issues. Khalil knows that he did not cheat. He is increasingly frustrated that his assignment score is lower than expected. He made A’s in his undergraduate work.

How should Khalil proceed?

[[Call the professor to complain. He knows that he did not plagiarize.]]

[[Work harder on the upcoming assignment.]]

[[Click on the TurnItIn percentage icon to see the report.]]
(enchant:?page,(text-colour:black)+(background:#fcfcfc))Spending more time in proofreading and editing is a good idea. But there is more to graduate writing than proofreading and mechanics.

//Without looking at APA style and formatting, and attribution errors, Khalil might continue to make the same mistakes.//

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(enchant:?page,(text-colour:black)+(background:#fcfcfc))//Clicking the TurnItIn icon will display the assignment and show areas of attribution errors. Attribution errors can include an excess of quoted material (even if it is quoted correctly). It can also show text copied from other sources as well as errors of mechanics. It is recommended to check the TurnItIn report before submitting work to correct errors. Always check TurnItIn reports with scores over 20-22%.//

[[Restart->APA Style and Format]]
(enchant:?page,(text-colour:black)+(background:#fcfcfc))//This is Friday night and the Instructor does not have weekend office hours. Khalil needs answers now. //

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