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Upcoming Webinar with EdWeb – Leading Conversations About Media

Upcoming Webinar with EdWeb – Leading Conversations About Media on April 9 –

Note: I missed the initial posting for this webinar… but edWeb has archived recordings available. 




Back to School with Instructions for VoiceThread – 9 Short & Sweet Steps

VoiceThread is a collaborative caldron combining text, video, personalized comments, audio, and images. Participating in a VoiceThread conversation is free, with registration. Used in a classroom near you, here are 9 short and sweet steps to create your next voice thread.

Instructions for Uploading Your VoiceThread

  1. Create and save a file presentation: (.ppt), .docx, or .jpg
  2. Go to VoiceThread.com and sign-in
  3. Select “Create” in the upper left of the screen
  4. Upload your PowerPoint presentation by clicking on “Add Media”>”My Computer”>”Navigate” to find you file.
  5. Allow the presentations to upload to VoiceThread
  6. Return to VoiceThread “Home” screen and click on presentation.
  7. When presentation opens, click on the “+” in the bottom center of the screen.
  8. Choose the microphone icon to record your audio.
  9. Make your audio presentation of your resource. Use the arrows on the left to advance your slides.

Learn More: 

Getting Started with VoiceThread in the Classroom

24 Interesting Ways to use VoiceThread in the Classroom 


The U.S. Library of Congress Delivers! Wimbledon Resources from the LOC!

Part 1: 
Part 1: In honor of Wimbledon For my online learners in the Research from the Library of Congress course …and online friends  [Billie Jean King playing tennis at Wimbledon] | Library of Congress –
Part 2: In honor of Wimbledon- For my online learners in the Research from the Library of Congress course …and online friends- from the Library of Congress –
Library of Congress Wimbledon resource
Photo Source: https://cdn.loc.gov/service/pnp/pga/06500/06587_150px.jpg
See the Tweets! Click Here


Robot Room Service in Singapore

Robot Room Service at the Hotel Jen in Singapore!! I’m Looking Into Getting This For Us As We Complete our Assignments!!

Robot Room Service from “Jena” in Singapore


Uptime Google app available to all iOS users

Uptime, the app that enables users to share and watch YouTube videos in real-time with each other  is no longer invite-only. Recent updates to Uptime include the additional capability to play and share music videos.

The app is free to all iOS users.


Sources: Adweek, Variety


Wimbledon goes high-tech!!

One the summer’s most fun events is the annual Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in the U.K.  This year, the 100+ year-old tournament boasts high-tech digital and data-driven constructs. The four cognitive and data insights technologies include: a mobile-minded IBM SlamTracker, which helps highlight matches of interest with real-time scores, stats and insights; a Watson-powered cognitive assistant called “Ask Fred”; AI-powered automated video highlights to help “scale and accelerate” content creation, including through a 360-degree video camera; and a “What Makes Great” solution that analyzes 44 years’ worth of sports coverage to provide fans with a new perspective on athletic achievement. Read more about it the new analytics in this press release.

Wimbledon logo http://worldversus.com/img/wimbledon.jpg


Thank you NSF STEM For All Video Showcase



See the Videos Now! NSF 2016 STEM for All Video Showcase Ends Tomorrow


A wonderful Christmas Story Video

Give yourself a break and watch this delightful video-click the image below to watch to the video.

Mog’s Christmas Calamity by Judith Kerr: https://youtu.be/kuRn2S7iPNU

Mog Christmas Calamity



Financial Times to Drop Paywall for 24 Hours

Financial Times to Drop Paywall for 24 Hours

The Financial Times is celebrating 20 years of FT.com by making it free to all for 24 hours, starting at 7 p.m., Wednesday, September 9th (U.K. time). The move to open up the site was based on the Financial Times?€? research that showed when non-subscribers get a taste of the content, they stick around and become subscribers. (Source: FishbowlNY)
financial times
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