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Landing A Teaching Job: Top 5 Tips For New Teachers

Landing A Teaching Job:  Top 5 Tips For New Teachers

The market for new teachers is not as seamlessly welcoming as our young graduates have been led to believe. This is an excellent article with tips on finding and securing a first teaching job…one way not mentioned in the article is to consider substitute teaching in the district you in which you would like to teach. Click here to read the article in full and, another good post: Creating a Teacher Resume Requires Unlocking Hidden Achievements click here to read the article

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10 Compliments Students Need to Hear

Compliments go a long way in giving our kids the boost they need. Although this post was written for parents to express to their kids, I think there is application for our students in the classroom. Especially during the last days/weeks of this school year, it is important to catch them (or continue to catch them) doing good and exceeding our expectations.

Are you a little bit shy about speaking compliments? Think about delivering compliments through little notes to the student, notes home to parents, or giving the student a compliment while speaking to a colleague (with the student closeby to hear). The key is to be specific about what the student did as suggested in the blog post.

Click here to read 10 Compliments Your Kids Need to Hear


Interactive eBook available called Creatures, Plants and More!

Teacher Andrea Santini and her 7th grade class just published Creatures, Plants and More!

Creatures, Plants and More! is one of the first interactive books that includes student work.  It is only available for the iPad and is a free download at iTunes.  Andrea writes, “If you like it, please pass it on!”

Book Description: Creatures, Plants and More is an interactive field guide of Northwest Florida.  The stories and photos are a collection of what students  from Woodlawn Beach Middle School have compiled for everyone to enjoy.  If you are interested in visiting Florida’s Best Kept Secret, look no further, the answer lies within the pages of this book!

Ms. Santini asked students to create their pages and submit them through a flash drive, since not all students had iPads or other technology available. She then entered their work, videos and pictures using iBook Author.

Ms. Santini writes, “If you like the book, please review it and pass it on.  My kids love finding out how many downloads they have every day and what countries have downloaded it.  They also love reading the reviews.”

What a great Flipped Classroom project of Real Work for Real Audiences…Get the book Creatures, Plants and More  here

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Common Core curricula changes

Tools to help you and your staff stay up-to-date on Common Core curricula changes from Scholastic. Easy to read and implement…takes Common Core away from common chore…click here to read the full article


Learning Technology Trends

Learning Technology Trends To Watch In 2012: Click Here (included is the best definition of Flipped Classrooms I’ve seen)

Previous 2011 Trends: Click Here 


What a Teacher is

What a Teacher is, is more important than what he teaches ~Karl Menninger

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The 10 Biggest Trends In Online Education Right Now

Online Learning is such a fun way to learn! Anytime! Anyplace! Jammies or Sweats!

According to the 9th annual survey conducted jointly by the Babson Survey Research Group and the College Board, “Over 6.1 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall 2010 term, an increase of 560,000 students over
the previous year.” What’s more, an additional 31% of higher education students are now taking at least one class/course over the internet, with 65% of higher education institutions thinking of making online distance education their long-term strategy.

Anticipated growth rate for online education is an impressive 21% compared to a 2% growth rate in overall higher education, according to the article The 10 Biggest Trends In Online Education Right Now

Click here to read all ten: http://edudemic.com/2012/05/the-10-biggest-trends-in-online-education-right-now/


Teachers Bring Text Messaging to the Classroom

Teachers Bring Text Messaging to the Classroom

Social media and smartphone-based learning help typically shy students find their voice, thanks to Joe Gianotti who teaches High School English in Indiana.

Click here to read how he does it and flips instruction in the process…


Harvard, MIT to offer free online courses

In a move that heightened competition in online education and brought more prestige to the still-fledgling field, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are partnering to offer the public mainly free Internet classes.

Harvard and MIT are each donating $30 million to create a nonprofit organization, to be called “edX” that will develop an Internet platform for the classes and design new ways to teach and learn with technology, according to the two Cambridge, Mass., schools.

Click here to read more http://ow.ly/1jBEyy


Lure of the Labyrinth Math Challenge

The Education Arcade at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
has announced the Lure of the Labyrinth
, a free online math challenge for grades 6-8.

While playing Lure of the Labyrinth, students use mathematical thinking skills to progress through a compelling graphic-novel story.  Students and educators have many chances to win prizes such as Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets, books, and
technology tools like subscriptions to BrainPop just for playing.

There is no cost involved to participate in the challenge, which runs through June 15, 2012.  Since the game is web-based, students can play at home or at school, in the classroom, computer lab, library, or after-school program. Teachers have the
option of integrating corresponding lessons into their classroom activities but it is not required. Students can play as little or as much as they want-and best of all, they will have continued access to the game over the summer to help avoid that inevitable “brain drain.”

Visit http://lureofthelabyrinth.net to sign-up for the Challenge!

To learn more, join the Lure of the Labyrinth Community on edWeb.net.

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