The Blogger Wears Prada


… Or wants to. Educators on a budget still yearn for Prada-esque apparel on a miniscule budget (or ideas for what to buy their special girl someone). On selected Fridays, when I am home because the airlines decided not to stir the flight delay cauldron, I will spotlight the best stores, products, and websites for all things In-Digital-Style.

fluffieflipflops.JPGfluffieflipflops.JPGMy last flight arrived at Gate B26 and connected to a flight at A12. You don’t need a calculator to do that walk-a-thon math! My feet are thanking me for UGG’s “Fluffie” Flip Flops. Yes, that is cozy fur there. fluffieflipflops.JPG These are also great for dashing from one desktop machine in your lab to the next as you update, backup, and download. Order at Bloomies.

If you are in or nearby Portales, New Mexico, visit “NoWhere Else” a great shop with free giftwrap and unique teacher gifts (or gifts for anyone). After shopping, have a sandwich at the Do Drop In right behind NoWhereElse.

Flip Flops Picture courtesy of Bloomies