Mind mapping Tools online

Mind-mapping allows students (and teachers!) to accomplish higher order thinking skills as they collect, organize, and  represent ideas, tasks, words, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea into a mind map diagram. This blog post explains three Ways Mind Mapping Can Be Used to Enhance Learning http://ow.ly/1kH6RI

The blog EducatorsTechnology also compiled some advantages of using mind mapping tools in education :

  • Mind mapping enables teachers to manipulate ideas and concepts with great ease and flexibility
  • It helps present information in a visually attracting and comprehensive way
  • Its organizational structure helps students understand and communicate their knowledge effectively
  • Teachers can use it to manage their classes and activities
  • It helps teachers summarize, organize, and present lecture information
  • It can be used by both teachers and students to create tutorials and explain difficult concepts
  • Visual maps gets students attention and focus
  • It promotes active note taking, thinking, and learning skills
  • It fosters inquiry and problem solving

This article also lists some truly awesome and free mind mapping tools for teachers–click over and spend some time…you just may have some new resources for the upcoming school year!