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Additional Webinar Offerings from EdWeb

  • Additional Webinar Offerings from EdWebI really like the format and pacing of these Webinars!
  • Wednesday, August 8th – 1PM Eastern Time “Summer Live Chat: Learning Characteristics of Autism”

    Presented by Nina Finkler, Eden Autism Services Join the community Teaching Students with Autism

  • Thursday, August 9th – 4PM Eastern Time “How Schools Use iPads to Increase Learning”

    Presented by David Vinca, Founder of eSpark and Colleen Loftus, Teacher and School Partnership Leader for eSpark Join the community Mobile Learning Explorations

  • Wednesday, August 15th – 1PM Eastern Time “Summer Live Chat: Social Characteristics of Autism”

    Presented by Nina Finkler, Eden Autism Services Join the community Teaching Students with Autism

  • Wednesday, August 15th – 5PM Eastern Time “How to Build a Rockin’ Volunteer Program”

    Presented by Michelle Luhtala, Head Librarian, New Canaan High School Join the community Emerging Tech

  • Thursday, August 16th – 11AM Eastern Time “Skype in the Classroom”

    Presented by Gail Palumbo, former Director of Technology and Curriculum, Montgomery Township Schools, NJ Join the community Technology in Schools

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iPad Case Study Webinar

  • How Schools Are Using iPads to Increase Learning: Three Case Studies Thursday, August 9th at 4pm ET, a free webinar from EdWeb

Join the community to view archived webinars and learn about what’s next. I love EdWeb’s webinars because they are concise, informative, and easily accessible.

Contact EdWeb with any questions at info@edweb.net.


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Lure of the Labyrinth Math Challenge

The Education Arcade at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
has announced the Lure of the Labyrinth
, a free online math challenge for grades 6-8.

While playing Lure of the Labyrinth, students use mathematical thinking skills to progress through a compelling graphic-novel story.  Students and educators have many chances to win prizes such as Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets, books, and
technology tools like subscriptions to BrainPop just for playing.

There is no cost involved to participate in the challenge, which runs through June 15, 2012.  Since the game is web-based, students can play at home or at school, in the classroom, computer lab, library, or after-school program. Teachers have the
option of integrating corresponding lessons into their classroom activities but it is not required. Students can play as little or as much as they want-and best of all, they will have continued access to the game over the summer to help avoid that inevitable “brain drain.”

Visit http://lureofthelabyrinth.net to sign-up for the Challenge!

To learn more, join the Lure of the Labyrinth Community on edWeb.net.

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