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Flag Day


Happy Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day! 

Here’s a Flag Day Check-in for my wonderful online Learners in RDLA235!


Click on this link to relive the wonder of this most iconic images by Buzz Aldrin saluting the American flag on the surface of the Moon.  Learn more about stars & stripes in space:

See a short yet comprehensive video on Why We Celebrate Flag Day at this link from the Cincinnati Enquirer



Happy Flag Day~June 14

Today is Flag Day. It was on June 14, 1777, that the Second Continental Congress approved a flag with stars and stripes as the official flag of the United States. The significance was one star for each state and 13 red and white stripes to commemorate the original 13 colonies.

The year 1777 marked the only time that there were equal numbers of stars and stripes. Many flag designs circulated among the new Republic. Sometimes the stars were in a circle, sometimes in rows, and, even as late at the 19th century, the stars appeared in the shape of a star. Our current flag design has been around since 1960, with Hawaii’s admission to the Union.


Question to Consider: Do you think there will be a 51st state? Or a 52nd state? Which territory or location will hold this title?

Click here for more information on Flag Day


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