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Just what is a Flipped Classroom and Why Should I Care?

Great teachers are always exploring new strategies to improve teaching and learning.

Flipped Classrooms is a Learning Trend addressing instructional time, classroom activities, and how both are allocated.

The article post titled, “Flipped or flattened classroom?” illustrates the Flipped Classroom extrememly well, including resources.

Six Reasons Why PBL is Applicable in a Flipped Classroom” is a blog article that gives tips for transitioning our current Problem-Based Learning units into Flipped learning experiences.


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Learning Technology Trends

Learning Technology Trends To Watch In 2012: Click Here (included is the best definition of Flipped Classrooms I’ve seen)

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Teachers Bring Text Messaging to the Classroom

Teachers Bring Text Messaging to the Classroom

Social media and smartphone-based learning help typically shy students find their voice, thanks to Joe Gianotti who teaches High School English in Indiana.

Click here to read how he does it and flips instruction in the process…

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