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Probably time to buy one of these if you haven’t already

Update on mobile learning in schools: From a Tech and Learning post by Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director: Google Chromebooks continue to surge: According to TechRepublic, Virginia’s Chesterfield County Public Schools ordered 32,475 Dell Chromebooks for its student population. Milwaukee Public Schools purchased 11,400 Chromebooks, Edmonton Public Schools bought 13,000 Chromebooks, and Chicago Public Schools will have 16,000 new Chromebooks for their students.

iPads also continue to be popular choices too: St. Paul (MN) School District has supplied almost half of its 70 schools with the tablets and plan to be fully 1:1 by 2015. Coppel (TX) school district is also expanding its iPad initiative.

To Read–Whitepaper: Durable Devices for the K-12 Classroom


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