The Transcendence of Transferability

“I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music”
Joan Miró


Joan Miro's Personage and birds sculpture, Houston, Texas

Joan Miro’s Personage and birds sculpture, Houston, Texas                                                                     Source Link:


Joan Miro was an artist who appealed to my students. They appreciated his work because in Miro’s versatility there were many interpretations that appealed to their learning style. For linear, mathematical, and/or musical students, repeating patterns appeared prominently. The amorphous design aspects appealed to the artistic, naturalist, intra-and interpersonal student. Try incorporating Miro’s work with your students—even the youngest enjoy picking out the mini-pictures they recognize. (Use Google Image search and PicLens to see examples that your school filter will allow or use our webpage.)

Let Miro’s quote serve as a metaphor for the enormous possibilities that exist for you in your classroom!