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The (Eco) Blogger Wears Prada



purse04.jpgThe (Eco) Blogger Wears Prada



This Eco-friendly post goes beyond itchy hemp clothing. The focus is on the great Eco-Friendly accessories.

gloves.jpg Be Eco-Friendly with a dash of style in these great Dots Gloves from Kim and Jason’s wonderful Lemonade Stand. Stay and click awhile at this site for sweet cartoons, insightful articles, and reaffirming stories from two creative innovators. (but get the gloves first).

Michelle Kaufmann on her blog showcased these next two accessories. Instructions included for each one:

Nifty clutch purses, iPod, and/or cell phone holders. mkpockets.jpg

Plantable Paper Journals plantable-paper.jpg

waterwall5.jpg Ok, This beautiful Waterwall is not an accessory but literally a cool home or classroom alternative to the sweltering heat that is just around the calendar corner.


The Blogger Wears Prada

purse04.jpg  … Or wants to. Educators on a budget still yearn for Prada-esque apparel on a miniscule budget. On selected Fridays, when I am home because the airlines decided not to stir the flight delay cauldron, I will spotlight the best stores, products, and websites for all things In-Digital-Style.

If the weight of all things IRS is still “taxing” you, considejournal.jpgr an eco-friendly purse from The Sak to help your tired, overtaxed shoulders.

In the Writing 1.0 days, before blogs, wikis, and Twitter there were journals. How therapeutic to sit quietly and write your tax angst away. See the collection of beautiful journals that emphasized a slower pace to writing at Galison.

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