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Tech BFFs: Tiny Pocket Router

Road Warrior Router recommended by Kathy Schrock.

The Asus WL-330NUL Multi-Mode Pocket Router is cool and is a great addition to your traveling toolkit.

For $34.55, it can serve a number of purposes and help you out in a pinch!…read more


At a Glance

  • World’s smallest-sized router for easy portability and storage on the go
  • Multi-mode versatility for both wired and wireless use
  • Secure hotspot with encryption to secure public wireless hotspots
  • Ethernet port to enable ethernet connectivity to devices without it
  • USB powered for versatility in different environments
  • Multiple OS support


You Choose How to Use It
You Choose How to Use It

Choose from one of the four ways to use the WL-330NUL. Plug in an Ethernet cable and power cable to create an instant wireless hotspot. Plug it into your notebook and it will act as a powerful Wi-Fi receiver, more powerful than some integrated wireless adapters. Plug it into a power source and create an instant private LAN network. Plug it into a notebook without an Ethernet port to enable a wired Ethernet connection.


Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy

Revised Blooms

Educational visionary and technologist Kathy Schrock has designed a new representation of Bloom’s Taxonomy to reflect new understandings of cognitive thought. Click here to view the Taxonomy with clickable criteria words.

Since the cognitive processes are meant to be used  when necessary, and any learner goes up and down the categories as they  create new knowledge, I was thinking another type of image might be  more explanatory.
Here is my draft of the idea of the “interlocking of the cognitive processes” or the “Cogs of Cognition”.
~Kathy Schrock

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