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Weekend Ed. Quote~September 29

Learning then also shifts from being rigid and prescribed to more permeable and malleable as the learner embraces the uniqueness of who they are, what they are learning and why it is important the them in their particular situation of life
~Kroth, M., & Boverie, P. (2009).


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Breakthroughs in the Science of Learning

Breakthroughs in the Science of Learning

1. More information doesn’t mean more learning

2. The Brain is highly dynamic

3. Emotion influences the ability to learn

4. Mistakes are an essential part of learning A recent study found that students performed better in school and felt more confident when they were told that failure was a normal part of learning, bolstering a growing body of research that suggests much of the same.

5. The brain needs novelty turns out boredom really can kill you

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B.B. King on Learning

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