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Weekend Ed. Quote~June 21

Whether you call it Genius Hour, 20% Time, or make your own brand like I did, you owe it to your students to let them explore their passions and learn about themselves. Show them that learning is life-long, self-directed, and rarely successful on the first attempt.Chris Aviles




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Life-long learners

distributed knowledge base

Teachers are life-long learners. They are on a constant quest for new venues of knowledge…when teachers stop feeding their brains and content themselves with what their rigorous curricula and textbooks preach then they get relegated to hard-working students status–a status which could severely impact their whole teaching performance and productivity. PLNs, blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS, social bookmarking, tagging, photo and video sharing, social networking, data mining, mobile learning, crowd sourcing, to mention but some, are part of the digital kit {equipping every}} successful educator. ~Med Kharbach in this link

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