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MettaIO accessible through Google accounts


I really love the functionality and platform of Metta.io and now there are new features as the digital media tool continues to innovate.

Metta.io is a digital presentation tool that has been featured here in the past. Metta allows you to combine videos from YouTube, pictures from the web or from your desktop, text, and voice recordings to create a presentation. The latest Metta development allows you to save your presentations in your Google Drive account. To use this option log into Metta by using your Google account at http://metta.io/create and leave the “Connect to Google Drive” checkbox on.


Participatory Media

participatory media

I saw a commercial recently that symbolizes the participatory nature of social media communities. I sourced the commercial and created this video using the Metta.io interface:


“We shouldn’t be afraid of technology, if what technology is doing is building a human relationship” ~Martha Buell, human development and family studies professor


Metta — Storytelling + Polls In One Compact Format.


Metta — Storytelling + Polls In One Compact Format.                             metta.io

Metta helps turning stories into short movies out of pictures, videos, text and sounds that are already published on the web. Polls and quizzes can also be embedded anywhere inside a video presentation…


Tech Trick- Edit YouTube Vids

YouTube videos are engaging additions to curriculum that garner student interest. Teachers often want to customize them for length and further editing to limit distracting ads or inappropriate comments. I have been using Metta.io (formerly SooMeta) for this purpose. Metta.io offers text boxes which are perfect for highlighting important curricular items such as vocabulary, essential questions, and surveys.

Med Kharbach writes: Using YouTube videos with students means that you might run the risk of exposing them to inappropriate and distractive content that comes in the featured playlist to the left of the video. The textual comments under the video can also be offensive and featuring vulgar language not appropriate for our students.


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