Must Love Laptop Batteries

Learning coaches must love travel. They must love the subtle nuance of  instructions such as “Board only when your Group Number is called.” They must love ways to suss out calm amidst the sturm und drang  of airports and passengers

That is where my laptop comes in.

Until recently when right at the end of the beloved classic “Must Love Dogs” (with my fave John Cusack), the laptop, she decides to die.

Battery out! The battery has been losing more and more power but I never thought it would fail me outright.

At this point I must love Best Buy and Agent Nelson (they all use the word “agent” before their surnames…is that cute or what?) Agent Nelson told me that my service plan covers a replacement battery and power cord.

Must love this little known detail of the service plan. Check your service plan today (by “check your plan” I mean go to Best Buy or wherever you purchased your laptop and given them your name and they will do the rest.)

More great tips for extending your laptop’s life may be found in David Culpepper’s post from Daily Tech Bits