Celebrate National Robotics Week April 6-14 with PBS Learning Media

nationalroboticsweekCelebrate National Robotics Week (April 6-14) by bringing the incredible world of robots, rovers, and bots into your classroom!

Link to Press Release and Teaching Resources

PBS LearningMedia has a collection of featured resources below. Establishing a free account allows full access to the site!

What is a Robot? Grades 3-5 | Lesson Plan | Application of Technology-Customize this three-part lesson plan to deepen your students’ depth of knowledge as it relates to the world of robotics.

Robot Race, Grades 3-12 | Video | Autonomous Robots-Follow two teams of engineers as they put their robots to the test in a 132 mile race through the Mojave Desert.

Wearable Robots, Grades 5-13+ | Video | Innovation and Invention- Although the idea of a “wearable robot” is not new, your students will be fascinated to see how far this technology has advanced.

The Intelligent Robot,Grades 6-12 | Video | Life Science and Technology- Invite students to hear from researchers at NASA as they discuss the Mars Rover and demonstrate its ability to learn through touch.

RoboSnail, Grades 6-12 | Video | Design Inspired by Nature See how this M.I.T. student used the movement of a snail as inspiration for a new machine.