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Celebrate Women’s History Month with PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media

Get to know the original “Wonder Women”- including prominent leaders of the women’s movement from the 19th century like Susan B. Anthony, Carry Nation, and Lucretia Mott.



Beginning in 1978, celebrations of women’s contributions in all areas of life began to take place. This video from Crash Course can be used to spark classroom discussion on how women transformed America as they fought for prison and education reform, abolition, equal rights, universal suffrage, temperance, and fair pay. Standards and instructional guidelines included. View Resource

Women's History Month PBS Learning Media




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Holiday Themed Math Resources & More from PBS Learning Media

Help your class get into the holiday spirit!

Familiar traditions have fascinating and sometimes surprising origins. Get to know the history and significance behind Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more with our All About the Holidays video collection. View Collection



7 Resources To Get Your Tech On


Link source: http://blogs.kqed.org/education/2014/11/12/seven-resources-to-get-your-tech-on/


PBS is a great resource and this post,  “7 Resources To Get Your Tech On” from the Mind/Shift blog highlights a number of their best resources. The grade range spans Grades 2 – 12, with a focus on Grades 6 – 12. Several also include professional development opportunities available online to help with a specific resource. What are the resources? 

* How to Make an Interactive Timeline
* Technology and You
* How to Make a Prezi
* The Art of Creative Coding
* Engaging Students in Lecture and Labs
* Teaching Civic Engagement Using Social Media
* Educaching
* Changing Students Lives Through Tech

To access these materials you will need to join PBS (which is free).
There are also many additional resources available on the PBS website.


Our PBS Course Calendar

Our PBS Course Calendar:

Week 1 July 9 – July 15
Week 2 July 16 – July 22
Week 3 July 23 – July 29
Week 4 July 30 – August   5
Week 5 August 6 – August   12
Week 6 August 13 – August 19


PBS Learning Media Resources for Black History Month

Let PBS LearningMedia help you prepare your lessons for Black History Month with an outstanding collection of resources spotlighting the African American thinkers, artists, educators, and innovative figures that have shaped our nation’s history: Deconstructing the DocumentaryGrades 9-12 | Media Gallery | Education & Race
Bordentown was an educational experiment that managed to succeed despite social and political challenges. Get to know this school’s extraordinary story through the eyes of its first students.
The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross

Grades 7-13+ | Collection | History & Timeline
Join Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. as he explores the trajectory of the African American experience from the 1500s through the present day.
A Raisin in the Sun Revisited: Introduction

Grades 6-12 | Video | Theater & Society
Invite your class to take a closer look at the lead characters in “A Raisin in the Sun” and determine how this play has advanced the discussion of race in America.


Happy Digital Learning Day from PBS Learning Media

Celebrate Digital Learning Day w/ PBS LearningMedia
Kick off Digital Learning Day on 2/5 with a dynamic NEW resource collection, a downloadable infographic, and two awesome events that you won’t want to miss. Click here to Learn more!


Celebrate National Robotics Week April 6-14 with PBS Learning Media

nationalroboticsweekCelebrate National Robotics Week (April 6-14) by bringing the incredible world of robots, rovers, and bots into your classroom!

Link to Press Release and Teaching Resources

PBS LearningMedia has a collection of featured resources below. Establishing a free account allows full access to the site!

What is a Robot? Grades 3-5 | Lesson Plan | Application of Technology-Customize this three-part lesson plan to deepen your students’ depth of knowledge as it relates to the world of robotics.

Robot Race, Grades 3-12 | Video | Autonomous Robots-Follow two teams of engineers as they put their robots to the test in a 132 mile race through the Mojave Desert.

Wearable Robots, Grades 5-13+ | Video | Innovation and Invention- Although the idea of a “wearable robot” is not new, your students will be fascinated to see how far this technology has advanced.

The Intelligent Robot,Grades 6-12 | Video | Life Science and Technology- Invite students to hear from researchers at NASA as they discuss the Mars Rover and demonstrate its ability to learn through touch.

RoboSnail, Grades 6-12 | Video | Design Inspired by Nature See how this M.I.T. student used the movement of a snail as inspiration for a new machine.


November Resources from PBS Learning Media

November is brimming with teachable moments! Use PBS LearningMedia as a springboard for classroom discussions around historically significant moments like Election Day, (Nov. 6), Veterans Day, (Nov. 11), and the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, (Nov. 19) – as well as themes that tie to Native American Heritage Week and Bullying Awareness Week. To search for additional resources designed to support your social studies, language arts, science, and math curriculum, register on PBS LearningMedia – it’s free!

Examining the Presidential Campaign Map Grades 9-12 | November 6 is Election Day! Use this opportunity to explore the role of battleground states with your students and help them to better-understand the significance of these states in the presidential election.

Historical Perspectives: Coming Home From War Grades 6-13+ | Lesson Plan + Video Veteran’s Day is November 11. Invite your students to compare and contrast soldiers’ homecomings from World War II and the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

A City Unites to End Bullying Grades 6-13+ | Video Observe “Bullying Awareness Week,” November 12-17, with your class by examining how students in a California town came together to address bullying in their schools.

Living With the Land Grades 5-12 | Video + Support Materials For Native American Heritage Month, invite your students to follow the trail of North America’s indigenous peoples and learn how Native American tribes embraced the land.

The Gettysburg Address Grades 4-12 | Video + Support Materials Provide your class with context around Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, first delivered on November 19, 1963. Listen to former President Bill Clinton and Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. discusses this historic speech.

Harry Talks Turkey Grades 3-5 | Video Thanksgiving Day presents multiple occasions to talk about math. Watch this video, and then have students estimate their own Thanksgiving menu quantities.


Integrate Common Core Standards with PBS Learning Media

Looking to integrate the Common Core State Standards into your teaching this year? Let PBS LearningMedia support your efforts. Start with these featured resources, then sign up for full access – anytime, anywhere:

Different Kind of Fuel, Grades 6-12 Use the specialized vocabulary presented in this video clip to help your students build proficiency while learning about the massive energy source that is the sun.

What’s the Author’s Purpose? Animal Shelter , Grades 3-8 This lesson plan explores the role of animal shelters. Use the video clips and informational text with your students to explore the impact of words and the writer’s point of view.

Analyzing Information – Can Pigs be Pets? Grades 3-12 Invite your students to compare and contrast their own points of view with those presented in the video. What are the pros and cons of having pigs as pets?

Garden Spiders, Grades 3-6 Introduce you class to six varieties of spiders in a busy garden ecosystem. Ask each student to take brief notes and evaluate the information.

Facing It, by Yusef Komunyakaa, Grades 7-12 This veteran and contemporary poet shares his poem about the Vietnam Memorial. Ask your students to analyze the style and purpose of the text. What makes it powerful?

An Egg is Quiet, Grades PreK-1 Use this illustrated story to practice text comprehension with your students – as well as encourage their language and vocabulary development.


This week in PBS In Education

Whether on the track, in the pool, or in the classroom,
every champion needs a great teacher.
This week, PBS In Education serves up a collection
of athletic-focused resources to help you prep your
champions for success.

Digital Resources

How does exercise impact the human body?
Does sneaker design affect athletic performance?
What does data analysis have to do with running
a relay race? Explore the answers to these questions
with PBS LearningMedia:

How the Body Responds to Exercise, Grades 6-12
Meet a group of runners preparing for a marathon
and learn what effect their running has on the
cardiovascular system.

Easy-Fit Design, Grades 3-12 What question did
Chi-An Wang try to answer on her quest to build
a better shoe for triathletes?

Tae Kwon Do, Grades 4-6 Join young black belts
Kha and Peta as they examine how to refine their
Tae Kwon Do kicks.

Kid Inventor: The Collapsible Lacrosse Stick,
Grades K-8
See how one kid inventor responds to
the inconvenience of carrying a long lacrosse
stick on the bus.

Team Motherboard’s Cyber Olympic Strategy,
Grades 3-5

Find out how the Cyberchase team uses data to
inform their relay race strategy.

Bats & Books, Grades 4-9 Hear author Jerry Spinelli
(Maniac Magee) explain why sports and books
shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Professional Development

TECH330: Communicate and Collaborate Online –
Grades K-12
Syllabus | Sign Up | Catalog

Learn about today’s student and technologies! Explore
Wikis, blogs, social networking sites, discussion boards, and videoconferencing in this TECH course from PBS TeacherLine.

MATH250: Understanding Numbers and Operations:
Addition and Subtraction in Grades PreK-3

Syllabus | Sign Up | Catalog

Learn to teach mental arithmetic to enhance your students’
understanding of addition and subtraction – a
nd develop your understanding of computational
strategies in this course from PBS TeacherLine.

MATH455: Seeing Math™: Data Analysis –
Grades 6-12
Syllabus | Sign Up | Catalog
What do the measures of central tendency
(mean, median, and mode) tell you about the data?
Teach your students how to look beyond calculations
and help them to perform higher-order statistical
thinking with this course from PBS TeacherLine.

Fall Term I Begins September 19 Fall Term II
Begins October 24

New & Noteworthy

Looking for a Summer Read?
Explore this sport-themed booklist from Reading Rockets!
Delve into poetry, photos, illustrations, and real-life
stories about running, sailing, and baseball.
For children age 1-9.

Dinosaur Train Geocaching The Jim Henson Company
has enlisted the help of PBS stations, museums,
zoos, and aquariums nationwide to hide Dinosaur Train themed geocaches! Click here to get started on your next adventure.

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