Thanksgiving Crafts~Making a Silhouette Picture

turkey silhouette

These are the two days in the classroom that offer the most promise and patience. If your school has decided to meet during Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, you have an interesting challenge opportunity. It is difficult to advance curriculum when many students have already been taken out of class by family already in Thanksgiving mode. But just popping in a video or having a “make-up” day seems like a cop-out.

How about an interactive technology-rich silhouette picture-creating activity? Daniele, at the Domestic Serenity blog has the perfect silhouette picture creating idea!


The materials needed for silhouettes are probably already in your supply cabinets.

Camera (can use iPhone), photo paper, printer
chalk (pastel colors are ideal)
glue or mod podge
card stock

Read the easy and illustrated instructions, and plenty of free printables at the Domestic Serenity blog (scroll down the page a bit)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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