Two Simply Smashing Titantic resources.

Since April 15th is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of
the Titanic, I thought I would include a couple of resources that
students from Grades 3-12 have enjoyed. These two resources have
across-the-curriculum appeal.

Titanic with Len Goodman:
In the first program of the series, Len Goodman (one of the judges from
Dancing with the Stars)  discovers how Titanic claimed the lives of
eight men in Belfast before she even touched the water. He tries his
hand at riveting, experiencing first-hand the blood and sweat that went
into building a ship a century ago. Len also explores the story of the
Titanic band. It’s one of the best known stories from the ship, but few
will have heard how the death of one of the musicians tore his family
apart for one hundred years.  Link for Partial video:

What the Moon Looked Like on the Night the Iceberg Hit Titanic: a perfect lesson in inference.
Link:          Type in April 14, 1912