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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ July 14

“These two or three weeks have been filled with positives. I didn’t win today. I’m disappointed about it. It’s unfortunate for me. But I think I showed a lot of positive signs that I can take moving forward, so I’m okay with that. It’s a game style that I’ve had since I really started playing tennis at a high level, starting as a teenager, I kind of went for my shots. I’m okay with living and dying by the mistakes.”
~American Pro Tennis Player Chris Eubanks. Eubanks played on the Georgia Tech tennis team and tried to qualify for the Wimbledon tennis tournament for four years. This year, he earned his spot on the 2023 tournament roster. 

Listen as Eubanks describes the value of consistent, small routines~


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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ July 13

“I think sometimes in doubles you get a little concerned about that guy in the I-formation and what he’s doing and it should be a lot more about what you’re doing with your return…pick your spot and hit it.” ~Brad Gilbert, commentator for the men’s doubles Championship match at Wimbledon









The U.S. Library of Congress Delivers! Wimbledon Resources from the LOC!

Part 1: 
Part 1: In honor of Wimbledon For my online learners in the Research from the Library of Congress course …and online friends  [Billie Jean King playing tennis at Wimbledon] | Library of Congress –
Part 2: In honor of Wimbledon- For my online learners in the Research from the Library of Congress course …and online friends- from the Library of Congress –
Library of Congress Wimbledon resource
Photo Source: https://cdn.loc.gov/service/pnp/pga/06500/06587_150px.jpg
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Wimbledon goes high-tech!!

One the summer’s most fun events is the annual Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in the U.K.  This year, the 100+ year-old tournament boasts high-tech digital and data-driven constructs. The four cognitive and data insights technologies include: a mobile-minded IBM SlamTracker, which helps highlight matches of interest with real-time scores, stats and insights; a Watson-powered cognitive assistant called “Ask Fred”; AI-powered automated video highlights to help “scale and accelerate” content creation, including through a 360-degree video camera; and a “What Makes Great” solution that analyzes 44 years’ worth of sports coverage to provide fans with a new perspective on athletic achievement. Read more about it the new analytics in this press release.

Wimbledon logo http://worldversus.com/img/wimbledon.jpg

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