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Just in Time for the Fourth!! New Library of Congress Pinterest Board


My Favorite Pin~Ways to Say the word Went

Another pin from Liz Rigby’s Research board

100 Ways to say the word “Went” (Click the picture to see the full list)

ways to say went


My Favorite Pin~100 Ways to Say the word Said

100 Ways to Say “Said” originally seen on Liz Rigby’s Research board, (click the picture to see the full list)

ways to say the word said





Favorite Pinterest Board: It’s All About Wonder

Author, friend, and mentor John Barell emailed a great link for a Pinterest Board featuring his work on the subject of Wonder.

There are so many excellent educational resources on Pinterest. But I have not seen a board dedicated to the subject of Wonder.

Check it out! Did You Ever Wonder?

did you ever wonder

What is your favorite quote about Wonder?


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