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One Last Question for 2012

what would you like to besurprised by in 2013?

What would you like to be surprised by in 2013?


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Weekend Ed. Quote~December 29

Nelson Mandela ed quote


Edutopia~Challenging the Model of 1:1 with BYOD

Our aim for using mixed devices was to challenge teachers and students to really integrate technology into their instruction and learning. By having multiple devices available, users are challenged to determine which device best suits their learning purpose, and teachers are also challenged to rethink how they are using technology. ~Nic Peachey

connectedClick here to read the full article and comments at Eduptopia


Weekend Ed. Quote~December 22

Instruction is clearly a socially structured communicative interaction in which the purpose of one communicator, the teacher, obviously, is to tell, show, arrange experiences, and give feedback so that the students learn new things that are consistent with the goals of instruction.
LEARNING TRAJECTORIES IN MATHEMATICS: A Foundation for Standards, Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction



Day Before Holiday Break~Christmas Craft Ideas

Here is a great day before the holiday break activity from my daughter’s lesson plan book: Christmas Craft Ideas

  • Novel-themed ornaments
    • Torn from the pages of discarded music sheets, novels, discarded illustrated children’s books, or wrapping paper (after our city library’s book sale, the unsold and withdrawn books are given away in packed bags
    • Materials Needed
      • Books (discarded)
      • Ornaments (will buy)
      • Adhesive glue
      • Glitter?
      • Ribbon?
      • Kids would cover the ornament in layers of book pages, similar to papier-mâché

Final product:



There’s an App for that~A Christmas Carol

CCarolappThis mobile device app. offers a new way to read the classic tale A Christmas Carol

click here to learn more  http://ow.ly/gajr5



RudolphappFor younger learners, here is an app for Rudolph the Reindeer Christmas Games
In the game, kids act as the red-nose reindeer, deliver presents by directing lights on top of the houses; in the meantime, they have to lead the sleigh flying through the sky dodging airborne obstacles. Kids can collect power-ups and upgrade Rudolph’s abilities.
click here to learn more http://ow.ly/g9lEp

Both of these resources arrive from the iGameMom blog…Thanks, Beth Cheng!

Picture Source: Ebenezer
Picture Source:  Rudolph


The Cost of the 12 Days of Christmas infographic

The Cost of the 12 Days of Christmas

This infographic takes a look at the actual cost of the items within the heart-warming carol The 12 Days of Christmas. It’s very interesting and offers the opportunity to analyze our culture!

Classroom Applications: Students could:

1.) represent data in an Excel spreadsheet

2.) represent each item in a slideshow, Pinterest board, ScoopIt page

3.) recreate the “12 Days of Christmas” song in Rebus format

4.) create a “correspondent on the street” video asking people to fill in parts of the song

5.) compare the cost of items in a different country using currency equivalents

6.) create math story problems featuring items from the song

7.) rewrite the “12 Days of Christmas” song with items reflecting what’s popular in 2012

Click here to go to the infographic

Please leave your ideas as a Comment!



Weekend Ed. Quote~December 15

“What children probably need to hear most from us adults is that they can talk with us about anything, and that we will do all that we can to keep them safe in any scary time.”

Mr. Rogers, on talking with children about tragic events in the news


Buy a Nook Give a Book

Saw this post on Media Bistro by Dianna Dilworth:

Barnes & Noble is running a charity-related promotion this holiday season called “Buy a Nook, We’ll Give a Book.”

For every Nook purchased between now and December 25th, the company will donate one new print book to First Book, a non-profit that gives has given over 100 million new books to children who need them.





ISTEs 14 Essential Conditions

As a companion to its National Education Technology Standards (NETS), the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) identified 14 Essential Conditions to effectively leverage technology for learning.   To learn more visit Success at the Core here. Here’s a sample:

Essential Condition (as provided by ISTE)
Shared Vision

Proactive leadership in developing a shared vision 

for educational technology among all education stakeholders

 Empowered Leaders

Stakeholders at every level empowered to be leaders in effecting change

 Implementation Planning

A systematic plan aligned with a shared vision for school effectiveness and student learning




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